Philosophy of KMU: partner at an equal level

The philosophy of Krav Maga Union corresponds to the self-defense system itself: Just as we pay attention to the weakest during training, the association's work is oriented towards the needs of the base. That's why Krav Maga Union is not hierarchically structured - our knowledge is common knowledge and is passed on directly to you through our instructor training.

As a partner at an equal level, we manage the quality, guidelines, content and further development of Krav Maga for you. Furthermore, we are your contact for all kinds of (technical) questions. For example, we support our instructors and training center managers when it comes to topics like advertising or organizational matters. And if possible, we are personally available if you want to hold a special seminar or benefit event.

Class instead of mass

The activities of the KMU aim to increase the quality of Krav Maga. We continuously follow and develop the latest state of the art in self-defense and combat strategy. This always includes the triad of "technique, methodology and didactics". To this end, we are in close contact with internationally renowned experts and undergo regular further training. With the resulting demanding trainer training, the KMU then clearly focuses on class instead of mass, so that the quality of Krav Maga in Germany maintains its high level.

Legally on the safe side

We train our instructors in such a way that from a legal point of view there is clarity in the case of self-defense and that the instructors pass on this knowledge accordingly. We emphasize the timely withdrawal from the recognized danger and provide comprehensive information on the interpretation of self-defense.

Open for new things

The Krav Maga Union is a flexible association that is supposed to "connect" us all in the best sense. You can contribute to this by telling us your ideas, questions and suggestions. This is the best way for us to move forward together.