Members Area - die nächste Qualitäts-Stufe

As a member of a center of the Krav Maga Union, you benefit from additional offers that we provide free of charge. The experiences of this year have convinced us that we also want to provide you with virtual information about the training. So you are not only flexible due to governmental restrictions, but also worldwide and at any time outside of your training (vacations, illness, other dates) and can be coached by our Full Instructors.

You can log in to our video and media platform at Vimeo here. You will receive the password from your center manager.

As a member, you are at the top of the list and we hope you enjoy your online training.


Would you like to support us with the KMU annual membership? With an annual membership fee of € 23.00 you support your association, get the Krav Maga Union Fighter's Pass and can register all your seminars and exams there. You can find the form for membership here: download KMU Association form