Welcome to the Krav Maga Union – the nationwide roof organization for Krav Maga centers! Here you can exchange information about the latest developments in Krav Maga and find out about locations, seminar and event dates, further education and training, and trainer training.

Independent, franchise-free and in partnership

The Krav Maga Union is self-sufficient and sees itself as an association on an equal level - we support our members in every respect and are open to your concerns, ideas and suggestions. Click here for an overview of the association's training centers.
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The Instructor Training

With our demanding instructor training to become a full instructor (FI), we contribute to maintaining the quality of Krav Maga at a consistently high level and to always being up-to-date with regard to technique, methodology and didactics.
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The training center

With the „Kraftmacherei“ we have a professional, central training and further education location for certified and future Krav-Maga trainers.
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The motto

Self-defense, self-confidence and physical fitness - all this and much more is Krav Maga. Just as flexibly as the self-defense system, which is still young in Germany, is implemented, we also organize our association work by consistently orienting ourselves on the basis.
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Krav Maga Junior:

Krav Maga

Krav Maga – selfdefense that works

instructor training

Become an instructor - the will counts!


philosophy of KMU: Partner at eye level

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