Krav Maga – Selfdefense that works

The Krav Maga self-defense system was originally developed by Israeli security forces and came to Germany in the mid-1990s. The term "Krav Maga" comes from the Hebrew and means "contact fight".

Krav Maga focuses first and foremost on the efficiency of self-defense, using the natural reaction patterns and reflexes of the human being. Complicated, artistic techniques are not necessary for such self-defense. Accordingly, the system can be learned by anyone and used in an emergency - regardless of age, gender and fitness.

In addition to physical fitness, the training also has a psychological component: The participants become more self-confident; they are trained to recognize and assess dangers quickly and correctly in order to act immediately in a critical reaction - be it by escape or by self-defense, which works.

You are new to the world of Krav Maga?

Krav Maga - is it for superheroes, for ultra-fit, extremely sporty, courageous people? Of course it is, but not only! Krav Maga is all about efficient self-defense, and anyone can learn it - especially those who think they don't have enough guts or who think they're too small, tall, fat, thin or just unathletic. Krav Maga uses the intuitive reaction patterns of humans to defend themselves efficiently against any conceivable attacker. You can do that too, and quickly with increasing success and fitness!

The upper limit is then open - while at the beginning the basic defenses against kick and punch attacks are trained, more complex topics such as self-defense against several attackers or complex ground fighting situations in difficult terrain, for example in a suburban train or subway, are dealt with later. It is important to know that in Krav Maga we don't learn to hit others on the head when we feel like it, but we learn to correctly assess and deal with dangers. This also includes escaping successfully in case of doubt!

Have you become curious? Have a look around on the Krav Maga Union website or find a Krav Maga Center near you under our locations to learn more and to take a trial training!

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