Instructor Krav Maga Junior (KMJ): The little king class

You can get a group of adults interested in Krav Maga? You know about physical and psychological challenges, about the adequate handling of your students, about the optimal motivation and the perfect drive?

Think again!

The biggest challenge in teaching Krav Maga are the kids and teens! Time and again, experienced trainers tell us that one hour with the minis is more strenuous than two and a half hours of full power with the big ones.

In the KravMagaJunior (KMJ) instructor training course, you will learn how important it is for children from 6 to 13 to have absolute trust in their instructor; what elementary phases the little ones go through at this age, how you can motivate them and keep them going, and how you can strengthen their self-confidence.

Prerequisites for the small king class of Krav Maga are extensive experience with the juniors, at least as trainers, as well as the firm will to face the biggest challenge in training: The countless questions, the sensitive interaction, the temperament, the ultimate - and at the same time highly enthusiastic - flea circus!

Krav Maga for the little ones - great sport!

The first training lesson

...does not bite or scratch, but is great fun: Children and their parents can convince themselves of Krav Maga Junior (KMJ) during a first training session. In groups of a maximum of 14 children, divided between the age groups 6 - 9 and 10 - 13 years, the fun starts - and it's guaranteed not to be boring!

If you want to see for yourself whether Krav Maga Junior (KMJ) is something for your offspring, just come along with your child for a trial lesson. You can get an impression of the trainers, the location, the other children and the training schedule. And you can ask all the questions that are important to you:

What are the training contents? Won't that be too strenuous? Or also: Is it exhausting enough? How does my child cope with the new environment and the other little participants? Does my kid basically enjoy Krav Maga? And what kind of people are the trainers anyway?

You will learn all this and much more on your first visit. Take your time! Questions are highly welcome and will be answered comprehensively!

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